Solar Battery Storage

Solar Battery StorageUse solar energy even when the sun is sleeping!

Battery storage, or a battery system, is an optional component for a solar power system. A battery system will charge a battery with a solar system’s excess energy generated and store the power to be used when solar panels are not generating energy (at night). 

For a battery to be useful the solar system needs to be generating excess energy during the day for the battery to store. This excess energy is there for you to run your household at night or when the sun is not out. If you have a solar system without a battery your home will run off the grid during these times and any excess energy will be fed to the grid in return for the feed-in tariffs. 

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Our Solar services includes a variety of top-quality products. Solar Nexus design and installation team a highly accredited and have a wealth of experience with different commercial projects that have led to outstanding results. We review our work to assess the quality assurance and to make sure our clientele are happy with what we have provided.

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