The Solar Nexus Process

"The future of power is solar"

This is the time to go for the solar and take back control of your power bill with electricity prices rising continuously in NSW. There’s no need to be conscious about running an air conditioner, pool pump and everyday appliances anymore.

Whether you are home during the day or not, we have all your solar and off-grid battery storage solutions.

We make the process simple: 

Step 1 - Give us a call

If you feel that electricity bill is high, Call us as soon as possible. We’ll assess your electricity bill. 

Step 2 - Site Inspection

Yes, our visit is totally free! We will come to your Home Office in and around Sydney, or anywhere in New south wales; our team will visit your premises do an inspection on how we could place the panels; shading; installation cost; etc., it will greatly help if copies of past three bills could be provided to design the best suited system for you. 

Step 3 - System Design

After carefully analysing the Bills and the insight taken from the site inspection, the most suited system is designed. 

The system will be designed taking your thoughts into consideration on how your usage will be even after the installation of the system. 

Step 4 - Installation

We’ll arrange installation along with a Wi-Fi monitoring application you can use to monitor on your mobile. 

Aftersales service: Advice about solar system, warranties, Faults and breakdown service according to the terms and condition. 

Nexus Solar has own CEC accredited installer to do your solar installation