Solar System Maintenance & Service

When it comes to the maintenance of solar systems you can be rest assured all maintenance will be carried out according to manufacturing guidelines and warranty policy.

Whether you're running a residential 6.6kw solar system or large commercial solar system, regular solar maintenance is essential to ensure your system is operating on peak performance at all times. Our solar monitoring system can analyse and help you identify performance related issues that may be related to dead or dirty cells and ageing componants. Solar Nexus is the agent for Cleantecs GmbH of Germany who are the market leaders when it comes to solar panel cleaning solution. Our cleaning solutions from Cleantecs will guarantee a good outcome and safe protection of your solar panels when applied. This will prevent any further degradation of your panels and maximise its lifespan.

Wheather its for residentail or large commercial cleaning, we guarantee you an outcome that will continue to provide high efficiency for a maximum return on your solar investment.